The Play Strong® Super Star Logo represents the star-power potential of all people everywhere.


Play Strong® Sports Powercards™ have been written to encourage thousands of young athletes, coaches, fans, friends and family around the globe. Thanks to you, our products have sold in all 50 US states and more than 15 countries (including Australia, England, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Norway, Canada, Italy and Greece). Thank you!
Play Strong was started by a sports obsessed family in San Diego, California. For them, sports became a way to enjoy time together, learn important life lessons, serve others and aspire to greatness.


 Play Strong® Playbook - 5 Keys to Greatness:

1.Dream Big   2.Work Hard   3.Team Up   4.Love Life   5.Serve Others

There are approximately two billion kids on our planet. About one billion were born into severe poverty. We dream of inspiring the one billion kids with plenty to help one billion kids rise out of poverty – empowered to live healthy and productive lives – by teaming up with athletes, coaches, sports families, and youth development organizations around the world.

#AllProfitsToHelpKids - We donate all of our net profits to help kids in need around the world supporting charities such as JamQuest and the #ONEbillionKIDS Global Initiative



Sports Powercards™ – sports-themed birthday, thank-you, note, thanks coach and congratulations cards – are our signature product. There is something so powerful about authentic expressions from the heart like thank you, you rock, you’re awesome, happy birthday, thinking of you, thanks for being awesome, congratulations and get well soon…they can make all the difference in both sports and life! Handwritten notes are meaningful and impacting.
A Play Strong® Sports Powercard™ is like a mini power-pack of positive encouragement!